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LifeHealth is designed to empower access and education to health services.

  • Access by the patient to own medical records, self-monitoring of health or diagnostic data, active data capture/documentation by patient.
  • Longitudinal tracking of health status and services received.
  • Simple management of structured clinical records for better diagnostics, care and outcomes.
  • Management of unstructured clinical records (e.g. notes, images, documents).
  • Routine health indicator data collection and management.
  • Remote monitoring and case management of patient health or diagnostic data.
  • Transmission and tracking of medical data, claims and prescriptions.


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LifeGrow is our Smart Agriculture solution that empowers farmers to greatly increase their yields, reduce post-harvest losses, and fetch higher prices for their crops. It is an AgriTech program that leverages technology to power agri e-commerce, traceability and market intelligence for off-grid agrarian communities.

Our Focus

The major areas of focus under LifeGROW are weather, soil, pests and diseases.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Technology
  • Agro-finance
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