IML partners with CTI Africa to boost access to Medical care

International Medical Link IML is proud to announce a partnership with CTI which will provide the LifeHealth application to enhance access to quality healthcare conveniently, through providing them will a LifeHealth wallet, containing their medical history.

LifeHealth CTC is an innovative digital health service offered by CTI Health. It connects clients to our world class digital health platform that offers convenient medical care wherever they are – at home, at work and on the go 24/7.

It keeps a record of you and your family’s vital signs, prescriptions and general medical history. On the application, clients are able to talk to doctor in a virtual enhanced environment, in both video and voice calls.

Dr. Possy Mugyenyi, the IML said: “We aim to provide our clients with affordable and innovative health packages and that is why we have partnered with CTI to bring quality health care services closer to the people.”

Dr. Grace Kaisa Director, CTI’s LifeHealth: “Such digital health innovations expand health professional’s time for actual patient-contact and monitoring. This is particularly important for patients or clinics located in rural areas or for home-care/outpatients for travel is difficult or not recommended.”

Pius Busera, the LifeHealth CTO said the application reduces the financial burdens associated with disease management for both the clinic and patients.

“With movement limitations put in place because of COVID 19 outbreak, which has affected access to a number of services including medical, hence, the partnership has come at the right time and will help people access medical services real time.